Hikeland opens up registration for reserving spots

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Hikeland Register

Hikeland has opened up the registrations for the public to register for an early preview for the yet to be launched virtual community. Hike has been testing Hikeland through its early preview for iOS and Android users for over a fortnight now. The early preview however currently just has select features live, with many more expected to arrive soon.

Hike users can now register for a spot on the early preview of Hikeland via Hike and Hikeland website. While earlier Hike just had a specific page on its website for Hikeland, it has now setup a separate website for Hikeland as well.

To register for a spot on Hikeland one simply needs to log on to website and enter few details. Alternatively, once can also request Hike Support on Twitter for inclusion in Hikeland early preview. Notably, the early preview will come as a server side update and not as an app update, so you will only get the chance to experience Hikeland as and when Hike includes you into it.

How to Register for Hikeland Early Preview?

  • Visit the Hikeland listing on Hike page or the Hikeland website
  • Scroll down to the bottom and Click ‘Reserve your spot’
  • Enter your Name, Gender, and the Phone Number linked with Hike

Voila! You have successfully registered for the early preview. The screen will flash a message that states, “Congratulations! Your spot has been reserved. You’ll hear from us soon!“. Next, you need to wait for the update to come. As and when it comes you will able to access it from within the Hike app itself.

  • Hikeland24
  • Hikeland25

To recall, OnlyTech had earlier this month exclusively covered the initiation of Hikeland Early Preview for iOS and Android users. As stated earlier, the same is currently limited to the top community users of Hike. Hikeland will be airing movies under its ‘The Big Cinema’ offerings, along with many more features.

The virtual commnity is likely to have HikeSquare, HikeLoft, HikeApartment, HikeMansion, HikeHome, HikeCarnival, HikeCinema, HikeGame, and HikeStar.

The early preview is currently free, however the Hikeland access once officially live will be behind a paywall as Hike looks to tap into the virtual economy come the second half of this year.

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