The Team behind OnlyTech

Get to know about the team behind OnlyTech.


Anshuman S. – Founder

Anshuman is the founder of OnlyTech. He is a tech enthusiast who loves to explore the latest apps, gadgets, and smartphones. His interest in online communities and websites kickstarted at a very early age when he was in his teens. He has been successfully managing two active online communities for over a decade. He also runs an Entertainment News site DreamDTH, alongside OnlyTech. He enjoys long road trips on his bike when not in front of the keyboard. He is a passionate foodie, and his bike trips often help him satisfy his tastebuds.

Email: contact[at]onlytech[dot]com

Madhan Kumar M – Management

Madhan is an engineering graduate who has worked with the tech support team of International Brands. He is a tech enthusiast interested in web development and graphic design. He used to write tech blogs before joining the Management of OnlyTech. He has been associated with OnlyTech and its parent publication for over a decade.

Email: contact[at]onlytech[dot]com | X (formerly Twitter): @mmadhankumar

Siva N. – Management

Siva is an Engineering Graduate who has been working in the IT industry for almost 15 years. He is particularly interested in the smartphone technology industry and technology in general. He used to actively participate on various technical blogs, and contribute before joining the Management of OnlyTech. His hobbies are listening music and playing cricket. He has been associated with OnlyTech, and it’s parent publication for more than a decade.

Email: contact[at]onlytech[dot]com | X (formerly Twitter): @Sivapratap


Sumit Roy – Editor-in-chief

Sumit is the Editor-in-chief at OnlyTech. He loves to cover news about Windows PCs, Android, Smart Devices, and more. You can always find him experimenting with electronic devices when not in front of a computer.

Email: sumit[at]onlytech[dot]com | X (formerly Twitter): @Sumit_R0Y

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Esmail Beguwala – Editor

Esmail is passionate about the Telecom spectrum, Broadband data services, and video streaming devices. You can find him binge-watching shows on OTT apps while sipping a cup of coffee when not writing an article.

Email: esmail[at]onlytech[dot]com | Mobile | X (formerly Twitter): @esmoteric

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Abhinav Kumar – Editor

Abhinav is an editor at OnlyTech. He is a tech enthusiast who loves to read and write about new things. He spends most of his time tinkering with smartphones or computers when not writing about tech.

Email: abhinav[at]onlytech[dot]com | X (formerly Twitter): @Abhinav842

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Shiv Verma

Shiv is a tech enthusiast who covers all the topics revolving around technology. He is a big fan of Android OS. In his spare time, he plays video games and watches live cricket.

Email: news[at]onlytech[dot]com |  X (formerly Twitter): @ShivVer2005

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Aaditya Menon

Aaditya is a cricket and video gaming enthusiast. He loves writing about developments in and around mobiles, games and software.

Email: news[at]onlytech[dot]com

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Basil Kannagi Arasu

Basil keeps an eye on the latest happenings in the Telecom sector. You can find him streaming the Premier League, which he started watching in 2013, in his free time.

Email: news[at]onlytech[dot]com | X (formerly Twitter): @ind_b17

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