About Us

Mission Statement
The mission of OnlyTech is to bring fresh and unbiased news from the telecom and technology industries to our readers.

OnlyTech is a state of the art platform which covers news related to the latest developments in technology in the fields of Telecommunication, Broadband, Mobiles, OTT Apps & Services, Computers, Laptops, Accessories, Wearable Gadgets, Consumer Electronics, Smart Home solutions, Operating Systems, Apps, etc.

What sets us apart is our strong community forums with 30,000+ members which include, but is not limited to, employees of Telecom operators, dealers/retailers of Telecom Services, Computers, Mobiles, Gadgets, Appliances, and Software who track the latest updates in their respective verticals the minute they happen, which ensures that we act as the harbinger and are able to cover the news well before many larger news sites.

At OnlyTech our focus is on bringing to you the latest news about:

  • The launch of new streaming devices, home theaters, gaming consoles, mobiles, etc
  • Changes in tariff plans and launches of new packages by Telecom and Broadband operators.
  • The latest updates about mobile Apps and computer software.
  • Formation of new content partnerships between OTT video streaming platforms.
  • Changes in regulations by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).
  • Updates about spectrum holding for telecom operators.
  • Mergers and acquisitions happening in both Indian and International markets.

We are constantly striving to further our reach into newer verticals and broaden our horizons through constant perseverance and ever increasing zeal.

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