Vibe by Hike to offer a safe and vibrant community

Vibe by Hike to offer a safe and vibrant community

Vibe by Hike 2

Instant messaging app Hike isn’t just stopping at Hikeland with the roll of its new products with another new product lineup in its pipeline after rolling out it’s new gaming platform ‘Rush by Hike‘ exclusively on iOS for the time being. Hike yesterday sent out invites to its users on Android to signup for its upcoming product ‘Vibe by Hike‘ that it states will offer a safe, fun, and vibrant community.

‘Vibe by Hike’ will allow you to meet the funniest people online safely. Hike claims that Vibe will not allow creeps and fake profiles with only like-minded and exciting people set to be part of the community that treat each other with kindness and respect.

The community platform has an application process to join the community which ensures that every new member makes the community more vibrant and diverse who pledge to a code of conduct so that every interaction on the platform is kind and respectful. Any behavior deviating from the results may lead to removal.

The heart of the community has – HikeMoji which gives members the opportunity to be their funniest, most expressive selves online while as safe and private as they want. The platform will only be open to those above age 13 and upwards with Hike often verifying an ID for applicants to ensure the same.

If you are looking to join the community, then you have to fill up an application with Hike asking a bunch of questions as to why you should become part of the community.

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