Hikeland brings Ad-Free Ludo, full-body avatar, and upgraded Home UX as it moves out of Early Preview

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Back in May Indian social networking app Hike started the early preview of its virtual community Hikeland to iOS users which was later rolled out to Android users. Hike yesterday brought Hikeland out of Early Preview along with the rollout of multiple new features to its virtual community.

The platform has seen time spent within HikeLand increase upto a daily average of 50 minutes. Hike has rolled out ad-free Ludo for users, full-body HikeMoji and expanded HikeLand Home to more people which now allows upto 3 friends who can be added to one’s HikeLand Home where they can also do group voice calls. HikeLand Home has got a brand new UI with front-facing view of the virtual world.

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HikeLand Home allows one to host their friends for virtual hangouts and chill sessions over games, content, and conversations. HikeMoji face has also been upgraded to make it more expressive and life-like which is an extension of the fun HikeMoji face. The new HikeMoji full-body feature comes with a huge wardrobe to choose from Indian, western, simple, premium, sports, lounge, superheroes amongst others.

“The feedback on HikeLand Early Preview has been fantastic. With over 50 mins time spent / day, users love the new user experience and it’s clear they just want more. Today, we’re following through on that demand. Games have been a huge request and we’re excited to launch our version of Ludo on HikeLand built around the HikeMoji where up to 4 players can play while hanging out over a voice call. Ludo on HikeLand will be completely Ad-Free.” “Our users have also been chasing us for the full HikeMoji and today we’re launching just that with Full Body HikeMoji that comes with its own wardrobe. Hikers will finally be able to be their funniest, most expressive self in HikeLand, and style their HikeMoji in unique ways. In addition to that, we’ve improved the Home UX so that all of these activities are easier to discover making the experience more engaging.”

Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder & CEO, Hike

The product has been built from the ground up keeping India in mind for a mobile-first audience pushing the boundaries of UX and going beyond the decade-old user experiences such as messaging and feed etc.

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