Telegram rolls out Saved Messages 2.0, one-time voice and video messages, and more

Users can now view their saved messages by chat or as a compact list. Further, they can organize saved messages with tags and use the Saved tab in the Shared Media to access messages they have saved from any chat.

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Telegram new features
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Instant messaging platform Telegram has introduced new features and improvements for its users. The latest update contains improved saved messages, one-time voice and video messages that get deleted after being played, detailed read receipts that display the time at which the message was read, an upgraded search feature in a chat, and more. Furthermore, the company has also rolled out new updates exclusively for premium users, such as tags for saved messages, one-way last seen and read times, private message permissions, high-quality stories, and a faster loading time for video stories. Here are the details.

Saved Messages 2.0

With the latest update, users can now view saved messages by chat or as a compact list. Further, they can organize saved messages with tags and use the Saved tab in the Shared Media to access messages they have saved from any chat.

View Saved Messages as Chat

Telegram has added a new View as Chats mode that allows users to view a list of private chats, groups, and channels from which they have forwarded messages. In addition, users can also pin any of the chats to the top.

Tags for Saved Messages

To make it more organized, users can add multiple tags using emojis or names to their Saved Messages. Tags are available to Telegram Premium subscribers and they can use this feature to quickly filter messages in Search.

Saved Messages in Shared Media

Whether it’s in chats, groups, or channels, there’s a shared media section that allows users to easily access photos, links, music, and more. The company has now added a new Saved tab in the Shared Media that allows users to access the messages they’ve forwarded to their Saved Messages.

Enhanced Search

The new improved search feature in all chats makes it simpler to navigate the search results and view them as a compact list.

One-time voice and video messages

Users can now access the View-Once settings for voice and video messages. View-Once messages can be played only once before they are automatically deleted.

Pause and Resume Recording

Rather than sending multiple messages, users can now pause and resume recording when recording a voice or video message.

Read Time in private chats

When a message is sent in private chat, a check (a single tick mark) shows that it was delivered, while two checks (two tick marks) show that it was read. Now, users can see the exact time when their last message was opened. Moreover, Read Times has its own privacy settings, and users can choose to hide their Last Seen from certain users as well as hide their read status from them.

One-Way Last Seen and Read Times

By default, hiding the last seen or read time from a user also hides theirs from viewing. Now, Telegram Premium users can hide their last seen and read time and still see those of others. However, if a user hides their last seen or read time, it is hidden from all users, including Telegram Premium users.

Private Message Permissions

This feature allows Telegram Premium users to select who can message them. Users can select between Everyone, My Contacts, and Premium Users. When enabled, users who are not in the contact list or don’t have the Premium subscription, can’t start a chat. However, they reply if a user messages them first.

Faster Loading Time and High-Quality Stories

Video stories now load four times faster, and Premium users can view video stories in higher quality. Further, all users can now control the playback speed in video stories.

New design for Shared Contacts

The messages that include shared contacts now have a more appealing appearance and reflect the color and emoji icons that these users chose in their Appearance Settings.

Improved video messages on iOS

The company has enhanced the video messaging recording on iOS devices. Users can now enjoy clearer video quality, switch between front and back cameras quickly, and experience reduced camera shake.

App icons on macOS

By using the direct version of Telegram for macOS, users can now choose from 15 icons to make their app match their theme or be distinctive on the dock. To change the app icon, users can go to Settings > Appearance > App Icon.


The latest updates of the Telegram app are now available for both Android and iOS users. With the introduction of these updates, the developers have subsequently upgraded Telegram for Android to version 10.6.3 and later.

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