Google Bard is now Gemini; Launches Gemini Advanced and introduces a new app with subscription services

Gemini will be integrated into various Google applications, including Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and more.

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Google Gemini

Google renamed its chatbot Bard to Gemini, calling it a powerful AI tool available to users around the world. Users can now use Gemini Pro 1.0 in over 40 languages ​​in over 230 countries and territories. The all-new Google One AI Premium Plan includes Gemini Advanced, and it costs Rs. 1,950 per month. The trial period is complimentary for two months. Instead of accessing the tool at, now users will be redirected to

Gemini will be integrated into various Google applications, including Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and more, which is something AI Premium subscribers can look forward to. To enhance the mobile experience, Google has introduced an additional application for Gemini and Gemini Advanced, which can be accessed on Android and within the Google app on iOS. The mobile-friendly version can provide a wide range of assistance while on the go by allowing users to type, talk, or add images.

We continue to take a bold and responsible approach to bringing this technology to the world. And, to mitigate issues like unsafe content or bias, we’ve built safety into our products in accordance with our AI Principles. Before launching Gemini Advanced, we conducted extensive trust and safety checks, including external red-teaming. We further refined the underlying model using fine-tuning and reinforcement learning, based on human feedback.

said Sissie Hsiao, Vice President and General Manager at Gemini experiences and Google Assistant.

The standard Gemini model, which is known as Gemini Pro, will continue to be used by most users. Users are required to have a Google account to access Gemini Pro. If a user wants to use Gemini Ultra, the most powerful version and a step ahead of Gemini Pro, they will have to sign up for a Gemini Advanced subscription, which is part of the new Google One AI Premium plan that costs Rs. 1,950 per month. Along with 2TB of Google Drive storage, this subscription also includes all of the other features of the Google One subscription.

According to Google, Gemini Advanced is better at following detailed instructions, which makes it possible to create more detailed prompts and Gemini will comprehend the context. It has been noted by Google that if you inquire about Gemini’s name today, it is likely to still be called Bard. Google is attempting to rectify the name change in the model.

Gemini models are being introduced into everyday products such as Workspace and Google Cloud. Gemini helps and supports digital creators in turning ideas into creations by creating new content, analyzing recent trends, and brainstorming better ways to grow their audience.

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So we now have a second AI chat after ChatGPT....
Fair enough, lets hope if "Bard" can overcome the flaws of ChatGPT(created by OpenAI)

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good to have competitors everywhere in life

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