PUBG Mobile India to be rebranded as Battlegrounds Mobile India

Looks like the wait of all PUBG Mobile fans in India is set to end with the game showing some positive signs of relaunch

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Ever since the Government of India banned the PUBG Mobile game in India over 8 months ago, gamers have been waiting anxiously for any news regarding its comeback. In what will be a delightful news for PUBG Mobile fans, it appears that the game is all set to be relaunched in India, albeit with a different name.

Over the past week, there had been quite a lot of progress. 4 trailers were uploaded to the game’s YouTube channel but were later deleted. They were the same ones that the developers initially uploaded in November. Now, the official YouTube channel of PUBG Mobile India had briefly added a new teaser earlier on Monday, which has since been removed. Ever since then, they had also posted some asset thumbnails on their website which have also been taken down. Both indicate that the game which was earlier set to relaunch as PUBG Mobile India, will now be called as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile

Gemwire – an Esports and Gaming media platform – was able to analyze the source code of the current PUBG Mobile website and could find links to this new creative asset.

In a recent development, the PUBG Mobile India official website links to a new creative asset. The creative found suggests the Indian version of PUBG Mobile will likely be named “Battlegrounds Mobile India”. The new poster creative was found via an embedded link to a video on Vimeo which previously hosted the Diwali Coming Soon creative. There looks to be another video private in their asset collection on Vimeo with the above thumbnail. The new video file was named ‘India Recall Campaign Motion_v02.mp4’. This suggests a new announcement regarding a change that looks to be around the corner

Report by Gemwire

The report also suggested that the new poster was found on the website and has replaced the earlier hosted lantern-flickering creative of the original announcement of PUBG Mobile India. The new image clearly shows the ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’ name instead of the original title. Interestingly, there’s also ‘coming soon’ mentioned on the poster. However, all those changes seem to have been reverted.

Moreover, Krafton Inc. had registered a new domain on April 7th, which very evidently suggests that this will be used for the new game. The game’s social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube have all changed their URLs and Page name to Battlegrounds India Mobile. All this suggests that the PUBG Mobile India relaunch could be around the block. Given the rapid speed in which these developments have taken place, we should expect an official announcement in the next few days.

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