International Mobile Roaming services set to be inactive by default to prevent bill shocks

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The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) today amended the Telecom Consumers Protection (Eleventh Amendment) Regulations, 2020 empowering the consumers and ensuring the protection of consumers from potential bill shocks.

The regulator has decided that International Mobile Roaming (IMR) service shall be kept inactive be default to prevent unintentional usage consequent levy of charges.

IMR services will only be activated at the request of the customer. The changes have been incorporated into the regulation and will be kicking into effect within 30 days from the publication of the amended regulations in the Official Gazette.

TRAI has also decided to enhance the requirements for the provisioning of information relating to various aspects of IMR service namely selection of tariff, data usage, and availing of services in an area which may not be covered under the subscribed tariff.

The regulator had earlier this year rolled out the consultation paper to keep track of the bill shocks faced by consumers when they inadvertently dialed up an international number while attending an online conference.

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5 thoughts on “International Mobile Roaming services set to be inactive by default to prevent bill shocks”

  1. This is a foolish move that tortures the customers.

    To the government :

    Can internet / mobile data be stopped by default in all the landline, broadband, new SIM connections just because there are many crimes done by using the internet?

    Can gas cylinder, LPG cars be banned just because blasting occurs at some places?

    Shame on the TRAI and the government for taking foolish moves.

    Wait and see in tge coming elections. I will slap you with NOTA 😡😡😡😡.

    • I have met many spoiled kids like you who think that only their opinions are right.They don’t think of others.They end up in misery.

    • In what way is having international roaming disabled by default torture? Its not like the customers who need it cant get it enabled. Even bank debit cards mostly come with international transactions disabled so as to prevent misuse and the customer can enable it if they need it. Fact check, new Sims do come in disabled mode only and are activated only after user verification. Back in the day when data plans were not unlimited with daily FUP like today, the government had enabled users to disable data by default on their base tariff plan and have it activated only with a data pack and not deduct from the main balance after the data balance expired.
      Try and understand what the idea behind this move is, it is meant to prevent bill shocks due to accidental usage by a postpaid subscriber if he/she travels internationally and has kept data roaming enabled without subscribing to a roaming pack and ends up accidentally using data at the base roaming tariff due to background usage by the apps. For Prepaid its fine since there is no main balance in the current bundled packs.

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