BSNL discontinues multiple voice-only STVs

BSNL discontinues multiple voice-only STVs

BSNL STV November

State-owned telecom service provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has discontinued multiple voice only Special Tariff Voucher (STVs) effective 13th November 2020 under prepaid mobile services that include upto 6 STVs.

According to a BSNL Karnataka circular, BSNL has discontinued STV 6, STV 11, STV 23, STV 145, STV 41, and STV 84. The special tariff vouchers which have been discontinued offered voice benefits ranging from 2 days validity to 84 days validity.

STV 6 offered local on-net voice calls at Rs 0.10 per minute with 2 days validity. STV 11 offered local off-net and on-net voice calls at Rs 1 paise per 2 second with 4 days validity.

STV 23 offered 2000 second local and STV on-net voice calls with 3 days validity. STV 145 offered 20,000 second local and STD any-net voice calls with 24 days validity.

STV 41 offered local and STD calls to any network at Rs 0.8 paise per second with 28 days validity. STV 84 offered all STD voice calls at Rs 0.4 per minute and local calls as per plan with a validity of 84 days.

BSNL had also recently discontinued around five Special Tariff Voucher (STVs) effective 1st November 2020 including STV 13, STV 20, STV 93, STV 111, and STV 1498. STV 13 and STV 20 are known as STV 12 and STV 21.

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