Vi likely to soon offer SonyLIV Premium subscription through select plans

Vi likely to soon offer SonyLIV Premium subscription through select plans

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Vi (formerly Vodafone Idea) is soon likely to offer access to 1 month free SonyLIV Premium subscription through select plans to its users. The telecom service provider currently doesn’t offer any access to SonyLIV content through any medium but listings on the Playstore indicate that the same could change.

According to the What’s new changelog of Vi Movies and TV on Playstore, Vi customers can watch the India-Australia series with a 1-month free SonyLIV Premium subscription on select plans. Vi currently however isn’t offering the same indicating the potential launch of SonyLIV Premium bundled packs.

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For the unaware, SonyLIV and Vi Movies and TV parted ways earlier this year as a major content partner with Sony Pictures Network India channels and SonyLIV content departing from Vi Movies and TV platform. Vi had indulged in a similar modus operandi wherein ZEE5 content left Vi Movies and TV platform in September 2020 post which Vi launched ZEE5 Premium bundled packs.

The change log on Playstore also states that one can access 1 year ZEE5 Premium subscription on select plans which can only be done by buying ZEE5 Premium bundle packs indicating we could soon see SonyLIV Premium bundle packs.

Credits – Deep Mody, OnlyTech Community Forums

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