EA to start closed Origin Beta for new Origin app

EA to start closed Origin Beta for new Origin app

EA Origin Beta

American video game company Electronic Arts is all set to start a closed Origin Beta test for its new Origin app. The registration is currently open to only Origin members for the upcoming Origin Beta.

Electronic Arts, a fortnight ago started sending out messages to its Origin Access Premier members inviting them to join the Origin Closed Beta. EA has heard the demand for a fast, stable, and reliable app that has inspired EA to enhance the Origin experience to power a faster, smarter, and more connected desktop app.

The improvements will be rolled out over the coming months through the beta which can be signed up by eligible Origin Access members in 2 easy steps. One needs to simply fill out the Origin Beta registration form which will take just 30 seconds.

EA will later on send a download link to the beta testers through email once the beta is live in the coming weeks. The beta is currently work-in-progress. Origin will remain live during the beta allowing beta testers to toggle back and forth between the apps to continue playing the games they cherish.

Credits – Sparker0i, OnlyTech Community Forums member

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