Coronavirus: MTNL Mumbai extends March 2020 bill payment due date till April 20

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State-owned telecommunications service provider Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited has extended the due date of bill payment of March 2020 till April 20, 2020 in view of the situation across Maharashtra.

Coronavirus: MTNL extends March 2020 bill payment due date till April 20

In a notice on its website, MTNL has informed its customers that the due date of bill payment for landline, broadband, and mobile bill payments had been extended for the month of March 2020 up to 20th April 2020.

“Dear Customers, please note that Due Date for Landline, Broadband & Mobile Bill Payments for the month of March-2020 is extended till 20th April 2020 due to the outbreak of COVID-19 & subsequent restrictions.”

MTNL Mumbai

MTNL billing cycle commences on the 1st and 16th of the ensuing month. The pay by date is normally 3 weeks after these dates. Late payment of bills usually leads to the addition of surcharge.

The move will help customers in Mumbai with Maharashtra being severely affected by the pandemic. MTNL Delhi, on the contrary, doesn’t seem to be offering the extended due date.

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2 thoughts on “Coronavirus: MTNL Mumbai extends March 2020 bill payment due date till April 20”

  1. My MTNL number (Mumbai) is dead since March but the bill is regularly raised and paid online. I have made complaints on March 15th, 2020, and ticket no is8854 and again today ticket no 7788. I understand innumerable complaints lodged by relatives friends and none of them are attended for three months. The standard answer is Carona and the absence of staff. If so why bills are raised. Is it fair to raise the bill when no service since March? I request general to initiate steps to make this functional and refund three months payments made by for that non-service period. P.K.Ravi

    • My connection has been dead since April and the complaints are closed automatically without being resolved. The bill is still generated but I have stopped paying it. You can choose to not pay the bill and later post corona you can visit your telephone exchange CSC and complain about it and ask for a waiver in the non serviced period.

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