1 month MUBI subscription worth Rs 499 free for JioSaavn Pro customers

1 month MUBI subscription worth Rs 499 free for JioSaavn Pro customers

MUBI JioSaavn

JioSaavn and MUBI have tied up to offer 1 month of MUBI subscription free for JioSaavn customers who are subscribed to the Pro plan of JioSaavn. JioSaavn Pro Rewards now comes with a free passport to the world of cinema for 30 days which can be redeemed with a code to watch MUBI’s curated lineup of films from across world.

According to the TnC of the offer, the offer can be redeemed from the dedicated microsite on MUBI’s website which will need you to enter the unique JioSaavn Pro Reward coupon code on the page. The offer is only available for first time users on MUBI and can be availed only once. The update came courtesy of our community forum member DJ Roy who spotted the offer.

JioSaavn Pro users need to create an account on MUBI and enter their Credit/Debit card details to enjoy the free subscription. The offer is only valid till 31st July, 2020, or until all coupon codes are redeemed, whichever comes first. JioSaavn free users need to upgrade to JioSaavn Pro to redeem the offer with the coupon only being allowed to redeem from MUBI website.

MUBI offers a ever changing hand picked curated beautiful, interesting, and incredible films.

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