YouTube adds new video chapters feature that makes easier to navigate longer videos

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YouTube is rolling out its video chapters feature to all users across Android, iOS, and desktop. The company was testing the video chapters feature in April 2020. Video chapters feature will allow creators to apply timestamps on their videos that makes it easier for viewers to jump to the specific section of the video.

The chapters will appear in the video when the creators add the timestamp data in their video description and the first timestamp listed in the description should start at 0:00. The video description should also have at least three timestamps or chapters, and each chapter must be 10 seconds or longer.

The videos with chapters enabled will have breaks on the progress bar, that display where the chapter starts, ends, and another chapter begins. Hovering the mouse or scrubbing over the progress bar shows the title of the chapter. On the mobile app, YouTube has added haptic feedback. Users will feel a slight vibration when jumping from one chapter to another. On devices where haptic feedback is not available, YouTube will snap to the beginning of a new chapter when the user removes its finger from the progress bar.

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