Vi launches new Rs. 2,999 prepaid plan with 850GB of data

Vi Rs. 2,999 prepaid plan also offers additional benefits, including unlimited night mobile data from 12 AM to 6 AM and Vi Movies & TV Classic Access.

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Vi Together for Better Tomorrow

Indian telecom service provider Vodafone Idea (Vi) has launched a new annual plan that offers 850GB of mobile data with a year of validity. It also comes with unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day. Last month, the telco launched new Vi Max postpaid plans that include OTT benefits and more data.

Vi Rs. 2,999 prepaid plan details

Vi Rs. 2,999 prepaid plan offers truly unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS per day, and 850GB of mobile data. Post consumption of the available mobile data quota, customers will be charged 50 paise for every MB of data they consume for the rest of the validity. The plan also comes with additional benefits, including unlimited night mobile data from 12 AM to 6 AM and Vi Movies & TV Classic Access. Rs. 2,999 prepaid plan comes with a validity of 365 days.

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Considering the fact that they have the most amount of liberalised 4G ready spectrum among all operators currently, it's a shame if they can't handle the increased data traffic when an operator like Jio is handling it better with limited spectrum. This only implies that Vodafone Idea is reducing the number of towers to save on the cash outflow, no matter how much they advertise about adding MIMO towers. They will add towers only in Metro cities where they get return on investment, smaller cities and rural areas will face severe congestion on Vodafone Idea network.

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yesterday the Network of Vodafone,Idea & Airtel was horribly down. From morning to afternoon there wasn't any network of Airtel & Idea, but on Vodafone it was slow. so I used JIO's 2GB daily data that time. after 5pm the network became normal so started using Voda and my 3GB daily data expired at 6:18pm. but the files I put on downloading continued!

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Then I thought what if my main ac balance was deducting, but checked that main bl is zero. Then how come my Vodafone SIM giving me free data at 2-3mB/s?!!

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well.. I used ~24GB DATA by Vodafone from 6:18pm to 8:45pm!! at 8:45pm my mother made a call so I had to stop, then at 9:20pm I tried again, but the speed slowed down to 12-18kB/s.

(I gave my Hotspot password to 3 neighbor friends last month, so that they can also use some of my 7.4GB daily data. But there were few days when they used so many data that at evening I coundn't use the internet. I don't know if it's miracle or not but I think for giving away free wifi for a month I got this free data! #just_my_thoughts)

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