TDSAT to continue hearing of listed matters through Video Conferencing

The Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) yesterday extended the hearing of all listed matters through video conferencing only until further orders after a period review on the situation. The tribunal has off lately been hearing batch of petitions since 23rd May 2020.

The tribunal noted that in view of the Ministry of Home Affairs lockdown order which has been limited containment zones and night curfew retained only during 9 PM to 5 AM. The guidelines provide for a phased opening up of various activities but don’t restrict working of offices etc.

Unlock-1 starts from June 1. This however will not changed TDSAT modus operandi for now with the tribunal opting to hear all listed matters through video conferencing.

The tribunal has extended the restricted functioning for the seventh time in the last 75 days. The first restriction on proceedings came on 17th March, followed by multiple extensions on April 1, April 14, April 20, April 27, and May 3 and May 23.

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