Netflix launches My Netflix feature to enhance the streaming experience

My Netflix feature is rolling out on iOS devices and will be available on Android devices in early August.

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My Netflix tab
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Popular streaming service, Netflix, has introduced a new feature called My Netflix for mobile users. My Netflix is a dedicated space on iOS and Android Netflix app that displays recently watched movies and TV shows, downloads, watched trailers, reminders, titles saved to My List, liked titles, and more.

“When you’re on the move with your phone, go directly to My Netflix, where you can quickly choose something you’ve saved or downloaded to watch. You can still visit your Home tab and other sections of the app to discover our full catalog of series and films,” said Edith Chao, Product Manager, Netflix, in a blog post.

“Keep in mind that the more you interact with and tell Netflix what you like, such as saving more action-thrillers like Extraction 2 to My List or giving a thumbs up to every season of Bridgerton, the more you’ll see on the My Netflix tab,” Edith added.

My Netflix aims to make it easier for users to select what they want to watch. The feature also displays personalized recommendations based on their viewing history and preferences.

Moreover, My Netflix replaces the Downloads tab located at the bottom-right corner of the Netflix mobile app. However, users can access their downloaded titles via the My Netflix tab. The feature is rolling out on the iOS app and will be available on Android devices in early August.

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Q: So if it is going to be about original content, it is also then going to be linked I would imagine to more flexibility when it comes to pricing plans because that is what we are seeing happen at least in markets like India. So are you going to be forced to maybe be much more competitive on the pricing side as well?

A: Netflix is only Rs 500 a month here which is consistent with our global pricing.

Q: Amazon is that much for a year, I believe.

A: Yes, but they do not have our shows. They have some content and then there is lots of stuff on YouTube for free. So think of it as, there is free content, there is cheap content and then what we try to do is have great content, have very unique shows with very special things and to make it easy to subscribe and join.

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