Google Search will now let you know when it can’t find matching results

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Often when we search for something on Google we end up getting results that are usually related to what one is looking for. Google however at times shows results that just aren’t related to what one is looking for. Google earlier last week has rolled out a new feature in the United States to further improve Google Search.

Google users in the United States will now see if a message that lets them know when Google is unable to find anything that could match their search well. One can still access the results to see if anything is useful. The message offers tips to the user for better results and also suggests alternative searches whenever possible that could reformulate the results to find the web page one seeks.

Google states that it shouldn’t show up too many times since it always helps in finding something helpful. Google usually detects misspellings and provides spelling suggestions, so that one can find the correct web pages and information one is looking for.

It is also making the underlying language understanding system better so as to understand words and concepts that may not be phrased well.

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