WPC relaxes rules for import of wireless equipments by TSPs

TSPs post assignment of spectrum post auction can only import wireless equipment based on valid spectrum assignment.

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The Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) Wing recently relaxed the rules for importing wireless equipment by TSPs to improve the ease of business and enable a faster rollout of telecom networks.

TSPs are allowed to import and possess wireless equipment even for those frequency band-LSA combinations where they have no prior spectrum assignment but are likely to participate and win spectrum rights in the now concluded July 2022 auction.

The equipment, however, could only be operated as per the license terms and conditions and based on valid frequency assignment after being successful in the concluded auction. If the TSP failed to win such a spectrum in the auction, it cannot use the equipment and should dispose of it as per extant guidelines.

The TSPs shall only import wireless equipment based on valid spectrum assignment after the assignment of spectrum post auction. The Telecom Department made available the necessary facility to obtain a self-declaration import certificate from the existing Saral Sanchar portal effective 5th August 2022.

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