WPC extends administrative spectrum assignments for captive users for another six months

WPC to continue making administrative frequency assignments for various wireless users as an interim measure, for a period of six months.

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The Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) yesterday decided to continue making frequency assignments for broadcasting, community radio, H/V/UHF/SHF fixed/mobile networks including CMRTS, radars, experimentation, demonstration, and satellite based applications (including DTH, Teleport, DSNG, VSAT, NLD, ILD, and INMARSAT) as an interim measure for a period of six months from 14th January 2022.

WPC will continue to levy annual spectrum usage charges as notified earlier. The allotment of spectrum will continue to be subject to certain conditions with undertaking to be obtained from applicants that they would agree for assignment for frequencies as per the conditions layed down by the Government of India.

The allotment of spectrum will be provisional with the Government deciding the pricing of spectrum and allotment. The provisional allotment of the spectrum will be withdrawn incase the Government chooses to allot spectrum only through auction. In such a case, the payment made towards spectrum charges or part thereof shall not be refunded.

The wireless users would further have to obtain Non Dealer Possession License (NDPL) for possessing the wireless equipment or return the equipment to a DPL holder or shall be disposed-off the same as per procedure. The respective wireless users would further be required to given an undertaking that they will pay the revised spectrum charges as finally determined either through market related mechanism or otherwise as applicable from the date of Letter of Intent (LoI) for provisonal allotment of spectrum.

The Government in any shift or change from the policy of administrative allotment will inform wireless users with due notice of 3 months of such change to make appropriate arrangements.

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