Vi to offer Rs 49 pack Free to over 60 million customers

Vi Announces Covid-19 Special Relief Offers for 60 Mn Low Income Users with benefits worth up to Rs. 2,940 Mn to the deeply impacted customer base.

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Vi (Vodafone Idea) on Tuesday announced special COVID-19 relief offer for its 60 million low-income customers. The company in a bid to help it’s low-income customers stay connected at all times during the ongoing second wave of the pandemic in India has offered special relief.

As part of the relief offer, Vi will offer Rs 49 pack Free to over 60 million low income customers due to the current situation. The pack currently offers talktime of Rs 38 and 100MB high-speed data with a tariff validity of 28 days.

With this Vi is hopeful of enabling its customers to stay connected safely, and have access to all necessary information in these challenging times,” Vi said in a a statement.

VIL will be extending benefits worth upto Rs 2,940 million to the low income group users in India with the one-time offer as a special gesture.

Vi has additionally launched a new Combo Voucher RC79 offering huge benefits to a large base of the population. The special recharge will come with the benefit of Double Talktime of Rs 128 and 200MB of data with tariff validity of 28 days for a limited time period.

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