STL’s manufacturing facilities now Zero Liquid Discharge

The ZLD process involves three-tiered centrifugation to remove salt and suspended particles from wastewater making it fit for reuse in boilers and scrubbers.

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STL’s Indian manufacturing facilities are now zero liquid discharge (ZLD) certified by Deutsch Quality Systems (DQS India), resulting in a great milestone for STL in its UN SDG goal of attaining ‘Water Positivity by 2030’.

Water management is a top priority for STL in its materiality matrix. It has developed water-resilient communities through rainwater harvesting, technology intervention to optimise water demand and adherence to stringent zero liquid discharge (ZLD) protocols.

The water management process is carried out through effluent treatment (ETP) and multi-effective evaporator (MEE) plants. The ZLD process involves an in-depth understanding of the liquid waste profiles and in-plant modifications to minimise water usage. The wastewater is chemically treated to remove chlorine and solid particles.

“Water conservation and re-usage is top of the agendas of the companies committing to sustainable business practices. The ZLD certification for all our manufacturing locations in India depicts our conviction that with the right technical innovation, intent, and ecological foresight, it is possible to conserve water and put it to re-usage while operating sustainably.”

Akanksha Sharma, Global ESG Head, STL

STL successfully replicated the ZLD framework at its six manufacturing plants across Aurangabad and Silvassa. This has helped STL recycle ~130000 cubic metres of wastewater from manufacturing in FY22.

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