Nokia launches small cells portfolio with mmWave, micro RRH and AirScale indoor Radio products

Nokia launches small cells portfolio with mmWave, micro RRH and AirScale indoor Radio products

Nokia’s new products allow operators to leverage available spectrum assets and offer even more deployment options, both indoors and outdoors.

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Nokia earlier this week introduced new additions to its small cells portfolio with the launch of mmWave, micro RRH and AirScale indoor Radio products. The new products will allow service providers to offer premium indoor and outdoor 5G coverage with the new products carrying new hardware while supporting the majority of frequency bands.

Nokia’s AirScale micro Remote Radio Heads (mRRH) deliver premium outdoor 5G coverage enhancing both capacity and coverage in dense urban environments allowing operators to cost-effectively densify their networks especially where the possibility of deploying a macro cell is not feasible.

Micro RRH are said to offer increased deployment options with small footprints as well as low power consumption and also lower operational cost. Nokia’s e enhanced mRRH portfolio offers broader mid-band capabilities with a new n79 product.

Nokia has also launched a new range of AirScale Indoor Radio (ASiR) solutions including a new ASiR-pRRH and a new triple band pRRH – the first integrated 4G/5G pRRH. The company also launched a new Smart Hub supporting greater throughput capacity for 5G and an associated Hybrid Fiber Converter that enables the use of hybrid fibres for interconnection to existing ASiR-pRRH.

Nokia further announced the availability of its latest milimeter wave (mmWave) radio product line-up, ideal for extreme capacity 5G connectivity for stadiums, airports, or pedestrianized areas. The compact products support a wide range of deployment options to ease installation considerations in busy locations. The new mmWave portfolio supports all spectrum band including 24/26 GHz, 28 GHz, and 39 GHz.

Mark Atkinson, SVP, Radio Access Networks PLM at Nokia: “We are delighted to announce the launch of our new range of small cells products, which further strengthens our award-winning and industry-leading portfolio. The portfolio is bolstered by the inclusion of the latest ReefShark chipsets and support for all frequency ranges including the C-Band. I look forward to supporting our customers’ requirements for premium coverage and capacity both indoors and outdoors.”

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