Nokia, Ericsson, and others seek simplification of optics markets to accelerate 5G

Nokia, Ericsson, and others seek simplification of optics markets to accelerate 5G

White paper from Nokia, Ericsson, II-VI, Lumentum and Sumitomo Electric recommends predefined optical blueprints for Mobile Optical Pluggables (MOPA) solutions.

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Nokia, Ericsson, II-VI, Lumentum and Sumitomo Electric earlier this week published a joint technical paper making the case for reduced wide choice of Mobile Optical Pluggables (MOPA) used to connect cell sites to fiber networks. The telecom equipment makers and optic suppliers have recommended predefined optical blueprints to help operators speed up time to market using a common list of optical plugabbles in a market worth USD 500 million per year.

Fiber is an essential part for mobile network evolution with many operators choosing to deploy fiber-based technologies for transport within their 5G network. Fiber offers limitless capacity performance.

The first-time industry initiative, lays out a set of Mobile Optical Blueprints describing the most optimized solutions of optical pluggables and passive optical components. The recommendations include optical characteristics such as data rates, reach, power, wavelengths as well as mechanical characteristics such as form factor, heat dissipation and operational temperature.

Stefaan Vanhastel, CTO Nokia Fixed Networks said: “Fiber is a critical component of 5G rollouts and provides unmatched capacity for 5G transport. A clear overview of available optics strategies makes it easier to design and deploy 5G networks. We are pleased to be joining forces with Ericsson, II-VI, Lumentum and Sumitomo Electric on this vital initiative which will make the choice for fiber even more compelling in the transport domain.”

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