Mi TV 4 55 owners can get Mi Box 4K with Rs 1000 discount at Rs 2499

Mi TV 4 55 owners can get Mi Box 4K with Rs 1000 discount at Rs 2499

Mi Box 4K at Rs 2999

Xiaomi is offering a Rs 1000 discount on its recently launched Ultra HD streaming device Mi Box 4K to its Mi TV 4 55 users. Mi TV 4 55 users can bring home Mi Box 4K at Rs 2499 only, a discount of 30% on the actual cost.

To get the offer Mi TV 4 55 users need to fill up a form on Mi’s website which will be validated. Once the details are deemed valid, the customer will receive a mail with a unique coupon code, which will provide a discount equivalent to Rs 1000 on Mi Box 4K.

Mi TV 4 55 users need to enter their Name, Email, Mobile Number, TV Serial number, and the platform they purchased on to submit their form for validation. Once the coupon comes via email, the user needs to add the coupon to their Mi Account. If they do not have a Mi account, then the same needs to be signed up before being able to add the coupon.

The final step after adding the coupon is to use the link given on Mi website to add the Mi Box 4K to their cart and apply the coupon at checkout to avail the discount.

The offer is only available for those customers who bought the Mi TV 55 through the official channels and order the Mi Box 4K on the Mi website. The offer is only valid till 25th May.

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