JioFiber starts upgrading existing plans of customers

JioFiber starts upgrading existing plans of customers

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JioFiber has on Saturday started upgrading existing customers to newer plans with customers receiving unlimited data vouchers of 3.22TB. JioFiber is however yet to implement symmetrical speeds and roll out Netflix on JioFiber set-top box.

JioFiber starts upgrading existing plans of customers

Jio has rolled out a 3.22TB voucher to existing customers being migrated who will have to exhaust existing data quota before they can use the data voucher. JioFiber will be upgrading its existing Rs 1299 Gold customers to the new Diamond Rs 1499 which offers symmetrical speed, unlimited data with a 3.3TB cap, and Netflix subscription among other OTT apps subscription. Those on the old Rs 849 Silver plan will meanwhile be bumped up to the new Rs 999 Gold plan.

Those on monthly plans have got unlimited data vouchers for 1 month while those on ARPs have got the unlimited data vouchers for the same period as left on their ARPs.

Jio which is said to believing in reward loyalty is upgrading its existing JioFiber users who will special benefits. According to a dedicated microsite hosted on Jio’s website, those on Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond will be upgraded to new plans with benefits the same as the new ones. Those who onboarded JioFiber between 15th and 31st August will also get the 30-day free trial to benefit as a voucher in MyJio which has to redeemed within 30 days.

It remains to be seen as to when Netflix onboards JioFiber with implementation of symmetrical speeds for existing users.

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