Hoichoi gets Progressive Web App to help users on lower data packs

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Hoichoi on Monday announced the conversion of its mobile website into a Progressive Web App (PWA) for its users to provide ease of usage for users on lower data packs.

Progressive Web Apps help provide a superior experience to users on the mobile web. It uses less data, loads fast, and re-engages users in various ways using the latest web technologies. Hoichoi users can now also add the PWA on their home screen using the ‘Add to Home-screen’ feature. The lightweight version will help provide a seamless experience.

Hoichoi noted that it had always treated its customers as its number one priority. Many users still use 2G and 3G networks, while many don’t have phones with enough memory or space to download the Hoichoi app while wanting to explore the app. PWA will help them enjoy Hoichoi even with a low-data package or a device with low memory.

“We’re a technology company, and we’re always determined about using the latest technology to enhance and improve experiences of our users. With the new hoichoi PWA, we’ve developed a robust, technically advanced web app that performs as good as the hoichoi native app. Users who wish to access hoichoi using their browser, will find a fast app-like user experience and when they return, the mobile browser loads almost instantly, even on slower networks.”

Aloke Majumdar ,Head of Technology

Vishnu Mohta, the Co-Founder of hoichoi said, “We have customers from all over the World, including from local Tier 2 and Tier 3 regions. Most of the time they are not able to use phones with a large enough memory to support entertainment OTT platforms, but they are keen on watching content online. Our focus is customer priority, hence, it’s important to make everyone get the best user-experience. To manifest this, we launched Progressive Web App (PWA) on our mobile website for less friction for these users who do not have the app. There are more advantages of PWA – one doesn’t need to update the app regularly as it is a mobile browser thus, updates happen automatically. Users don’t need to go through the trouble of downloading the app, simply a search on their browser will suffice and also, using the ‘Add to Home-screen’ feature, users can keep add hoichoi to their mobile screens. Even for our users, who might not be able to get high data packs, can easily use even a 2G network to watch content on hoichoi”.

How to access Hoichoi Progressive Web App (PWA)

You just need to type ‘hoichoi.tv’ on your mobile browser to access the PWA version of the app. Hoichoi PWA is live for users now.

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