HFCL to kickstart mass production of Wi-Fi 6E products from Q3 FY 21

HFCL stated that it was working on Wi-Fi 6 which would fulfill the local demand and also enable it to export as well. The mass production of the next generation WiFi 6E products from HFCL will be ready to kickstart in the third quarter of this year which no other company in India has yet tried to attempt.

Mahendra Nahatam, Managing Director of HFCL was quoted as saying, “The whole idea is to have a complete range of WiFi products in our production. We should be able to cater to more than 80% of overall WiFi market. So, that process has also started.”

WiFi 6 will be available by quarter 3 with HFCL looking to have a complete range of WiFi products in its productions which will enable it to cater to more than 80% of the overall market.

WiFi 6 is going to be used as a home or a common area network access points with 5G due to the requirement of a large throughput.

Asus has recently launched the world’s first 6 GHz Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 6E)-capable router which will be available for retail purchase in December 2020 in North America. The router features a top speed of 11 Gbps.

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