HFCL chooses CommAgility 5G (NR) software for its Indoor Small Cells

HFCL will also benefit from the continuous innovation of CommAgility to evolve the PHY to meet new customer requirements.

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HFCL Limited today announced that it has chosen CommAgility as its key technology partner for its indoor small cells. The company will its CommAgility’s 5G new radio (NR) software in its 5G indoor small cells. CommAgility will provide support services to HFCL to install its software with its basebands and RF hardware. CommAgility’s 5G NR physical layer (PHY) and Digital Front-End (DFE) software will be used by HFCL for deployment across consumer, enterprise, and industry verticals.

The company has invested in creating a complete portfolio of products for 5G Radio Access Network and 5G Transport including 8T8R/32T32R Macro RU, Indoor/Outdoor Small Cell, Cell Site Router, and Aggregation Router for fronthaul, midhaul, and backhaul.

“CommAgility is a key technology partner for HFCL. We selected CommAgility due to the flexibility, features, and performance of its PHY software, as well as its proven track record in 4G and SG applications.”

Mr. Mahendra Nahata, Managing Director at HFCL

CommAgility’s provides L1 PHY which is a critical module of HFCL’s 5G Indoor Small Cell. The company’s in-depth understanding of NXP’s baseband platforms and its strong partnership with NXP will be crucial to enable highly optimized L1 PHY running on NXP’s baseband platform.

“We’re delighted that HFCL have chosen our SG NR software – we look forward to working closely with them and supporting their innovative approach to SG infrastructure. As one of India’s largest integrated telecom network providers, they have an opportunity to shape the next generation of wireless systems.”

Edward Young, Senior Vice President and Managing Director at CommAgility

HFCL as part of its 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) portfolio is investing in building a portfolio of 5G Small Cell products that include both Indoor and Outdoor as well as FR1 and FR2 frequency bands. The company will benefit from CommAgility’s PHY software that supports the range of 5G small cell products HFCL is developing. This will allow HFCL maximum design, development, and deployment flexibility.

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