Google announces new updates for Android apps on tablets and foldables

Google belives these app updates will enhance users' productivity on the go, enabling them to check and respond to emails, edit documents, or take notes on their large-screen devices.

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Google app updates for large-screen devices
Image: Google

Google has announced new updates for several apps that aim to enhance the user experience and make them more productive on large-screen devices, such as tablets and foldables. “Android is continuing its work with developers to adapt your favorite apps to take advantage of the larger screens on tablets and foldable phones, the company said in a blog post. Here are the details.


Google is making Gmail and other Workspace apps easier to use on large-screen devices such as tablets and foldables. For instance, Gmail can now open links or attachments alongside email. When a user taps on a link or attachment in Gmail, the link now opens on the right side of the screen, and the email shifts to the left half. Users can also control the width of the apps by dragging the divider on the screen.

Gmail GIF V3 Fold Shell

 Google Docs

Google has added a new functionality in Docs to let users quickly edit their content on foldable phones and tablets. The formatting toolbar is now more visible, and users will see a cursor and tapping it once opens the on-screen keyboard if no physical keyboard is attached to the device.

1 Google docs 1


Video conferencing app Zoom now comes with a new design for foldable phones in tabletop mode, allowing users to take Zoom video meetings hands-free. The video appears on the top half of the screen, and the meeting controls on the bottom half.

2 Zoom Image 1.width 1000.format webp

Adobe Acrobat reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader now features an updated user interface for the large-screen devices. Users can now use Adobe Acrobat Reader in split-screen mode and perform multiple actions at once, such as drag and drop PDF files from another app to open. Adobe is also working on allowing users to open two PDF files side-by-side.

3 Adobe Acrobat Reader 1.width 1000.format webp


Dropbox has also updated its user interface for large-screen devices. The app will now automatically resize to best fit the large screen on a foldable or tablet device. Dropbox now also supports an external mouse and keyboard.

4 Dropbox 1.width 1000.format webp


Task-planning application Todoist now uses a two-pane layout on foldable and tablets to make it easier for users to find and read their notes. The app now provides easier access to navigational elements, including settings and inbox.

Todoist Pixel Fold Shell.width 1000.format webp


Note-taking app Evernote already supports the Sketch feature that allows users to annotate documents and handwrite notes. Now, the company has added a two-pane layout for tablet and foldable devices in landscape mode. Users will now see a two-pane layout similar to the desktop computer view. Using the two-pane layout, users can view all their notes at a glance on the left side and edit notes on the right side. The app also updated its widget layout and now offers multiple sizes and orientations, allowing users to view their notes from the home screen.

6 Evernote Fold Shell 1.width 1000.format webp


These app-specific features are now available for Android users on large-screen devices, including tablets and foldable phones. However, users may need to update apps via the Google Play Store to access these features.

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