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23 Aug 2018
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Back when I was a teenager I was fine not sleeping for days by choice. I could be up for days with getting an hour or two of sleep. In coming years I have developed little bit of paranoia from everything. So staying awake was not an option. I started developing healthy sleeping habits until I started living alone since last year. It's been months. I have left the pills as I am too scared to have it because I live alone as both parents works mostly out of state except for alternate days when my aunt stays with me who is an essential worker so can't help there. Staying alone at night really weirds me out and bring more paronia in me. So am seeking to find sleep. I tried everything. But I just cannot fall sleep.

Please tell me natural ways that can help me here.
In my case the situation is just opposite. Whenever I lay on bed immediately within 5min I fall asleep and thats deep sleep. Whenever it may be 10 o clock or 12o clock within 5 min I goes into deep sleep Mode and that ruined my relationship. I can't study late night any more. My personal life is being affected by this
in my personal experience, reducing the intaking of tea/coffee etc which can have an impact of sleep, along with heavy workout helps in getting deep sleep.
in my personal experience, reducing the intaking of tea/coffee etc which can have an impact of sleep, along with heavy workout helps in getting deep sleep.
Completely agree my work involves walking throughout the day( 8-9 kms minimum within company premises) and believe me at the end of the day i am so tired that within 5 minutes of lying on bed i fall asleep.However,if i have an extended holiday i find it difficult to sleep at my normal times and normal hours
1) Tire yourself out through the day with physically strenuous work
2) Reducing caffeine and nicotine intake through the day
3) having a warm shower before going to bed
4) There are couple of apps called sleep sounds on the play store, they have soothing, relaxing, sleep inducing music which helps one fall asleep.
1. Go to Gym in evening. Tire yourself.
2. Don't sleep in afternoon.
3. NO phone without blue light filter after 8 PM.
4. A constant time when you go to Sleep. 10-10:30 is ideal. Wake up between 6 to 7. 6 to 6:30 is ideal.
5. No caffeine products like Tea or coffee after Gym. Let's say you go to Gym around 6 pm. Drink tea or coffee at 5-5:30. Nothing after it.
6. Eat atleast one hour before sleeping.
Plus drink a lot of water in day time.
You will have no problem.
/ Saying all these from personal experience since last 2-3 months. I used to watch football match till 3 am every day. Now i go to sleep on most days at 11 and wake up at 7. Yet to achieve that instant sleep. But on route to it. Yesterday it took me 15 minutes to fall asleep. When i was watching super cup some 3-4 days ago, i could not sleep even after 1 hours of Super cup getting over. That's around 3 AM in morning. Best wishes.
Try Banana-infused tea with a little cinnamon.
Within a week you will notice the difference.
P.s.: By tea I mean decoction (In normal drinking water boil ripe Banana along with its peel)
If interested, I can PM you the recipe link.
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Great Suggestions 🙏🏼

I used to sleep around 3-4 am most of the days since Corona (March 2020) until a month ago ! My schedule was very bad..Like, wake up around 11am then work until 10-11 pm and then watch movie(s) or series till 3-4 am !! Its a cyclic process.

This started impacting my health more than anything else, I immediately started workouts(Joined Gym) evening time(6-8), this helped me get my sleep back.

Recently I started sleeping around 11Pm and wake up around 7-8 am (Instant and deep sleep I should say)

1. Workout hard
2. Keep yourself occupied with physical or mental activity.
3. Turn your Mobile to AirPlane mode as soon as you get on to bed 😂😂 (This is most important)
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