Forum guidelines and FAQs

Posting guidelines

  1. No harassment, racism, trolling, or hate speech will be tolerated. Such posts will lead to a warning/ban.
  2. Do not post any false information. Always verify the news before posting.
  3. Before posting a new thread, make sure that it has not been posted earlier by using the Search function to avoid posting a potential duplicate.
  4. Creating a new thread comes with responsibility. Your post will be #1 in that thread. So, make it as elaborate as possible by attaching images, describing the topic, etc. to help in continuing further discussions on the topic.
  5. Post in the correct section. If you have posted a thread in the wrong section, please report it to the team.
  6. Do not post the same question or content multiple times. Even if you think it is relevant in several sections, you should pick the most relevant sub-section and post it there.
  7. Any form of spam or advertisement anywhere on the forum, including posts, direct messages, signatures, and profile pictures, are not allowed. It will result in a permanent ban.
  8. Always stay on topic. Make sure your reply is related to the topic and would be useful to the readers. Off-topic posts will be removed without notice.
  9. Do not quote posts unnecessarily. Use the quote button only when you are replying to a specific member.
  10. Do not tag (mention) members unnecessarily. Use the feature only when you are replying to a specific member and never tag any staff member for moderation-related issues.
  11. Post in English. If you are posting in any other language, you must add an English translation, however, the thread title should always be in English. Any post in a regional language without translation will be removed.
  12. The above "mandatory English translation" is applicable to all text replies made on the forums. However, memes, videos, and social threads such as general chat do not require a translation.
  13. Always use the Report button to report any threads or posts that you think do not meet the rules, and while reporting posts, give appropriate reasons and also provide thread links whenever necessary to move or merge posts. Do not give generic reasons, such as "useless post," "already posted," "close thread," etc. Reports with inappropriate reasons will be rejected.
  14. You just need to report the issue and leave the decision to the Moderation Team, instead of advising what to do.
  15. Do not abuse the reaction system. Asking for positive reactions either via posts or via direct messages is prohibited. Reactions must be earned legitimately.
  16. Do not post the same content at OnlyTech as well as DreamDTH. Please post strictly in one of the forums, whichever seems to be more relevant to the news. Posting in the wrong forum might result in deletion or closure of the thread.
  17. Some words are blacklisted. If a word is replaced by asterisks when you preview or submit a post, do not bypass it by disguising those words.
  18. You must not use CAPITAL letters for the entire post or thread title, it is considered as shouting. Also, avoid huge/bold fonts for the entire post. If required, you may use bold fonts to highlight important points.
  19. Refrain from using too many emoji or special characters in your post, it will be difficult to read and makes the post unusual. Also, avoid using short forms.
  20. Do not post only emoji or one-liner replies such as "I agree," "+1," "cool," "me too," etc. Use reactions or give a 'Like' to that post instead.
  21. Unless you are explicitly sharing a link, do not post just a website link as threads or replies. Add some content, at least a synopsis of the article.
  22. Any news obtained from another site MUST have a link to the source added to the post. If you post an image from another website, make sure you give credit to that website. However, avoid sharing watermarked images of other websites.
  23. Do not copy the entire article when sharing from another site, either copy two paragraphs or four lines, not more. Also, try to add your own inputs to the article.
  24. Posts or images with credit to another forum of the same niche as OnlyTech should not be posted. Also, avoid posting any posts or images with credits to other forum members.
  25. This is a family-friendly site and hence anything that is NSFW won't be tolerated. Such posts will be removed without notice.
  26. To protect the privacy & security of the members, it is not allowed to post/share any personal or sensitive information, such as your address, phone number, email, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media account details on the public forum. However, you can exchange contact details only via direct messages if you are using our Marketplace to buy/sell. Please refer to the Marketplace Guidelines below to learn more.
  27. Posting commission, referral, or affiliate links anywhere on the forum is prohibited.
  28. Do not promote or provide any guide for piracy or illegal activities on the forums.
  29. Cracks, Keygens, and modded apps sharing are forbidden here. Please note that asking for or sharing OTT account details is also prohibited.
  30. Do not discuss blocking ads on the site.
  31. We give freedom of speech. You are free to praise/curse any service provider based on your personal experience. However, replies posted with the sole intention of promoting/defaming are not entertained.
  32. Freedom of speech gives you the right to disagree with your fellow community members and explain your perspective but the discussion has to be carried out in a friendly manner. You must not attack, degrade, insult, or otherwise belittle them or the quality of this community.
  33. Intentional internet spamming to hurt the site's credibility won't be tolerated. It'll lead to a permanent ban on the account in question. No explanations will be entertained in this regard.


  1. Your avatar must not contain any QR code, NSFW picture, OnlyTech logo, personal information, or advertisement.
  2. To change your username, refer to the 'How to change your username' thread for the tutorial and guidelines.
  3. We do not allow multiple accounts. Multiple IDs will be banned or merged with the original ID without notice. If you want an ID from the same IP address for any of your family members, inform a team member before creating the second ID via the Talk to Team forum. Also, note that you must not re-register once banned.
  4. Do not share your OnlyTech account with anyone, including your family members and friends.
  5. You can dispute a ban by sending an email to the forum team via the contact us form. Please provide a reason why the ban is not valid. OnlyTech Team reserves the right to withhold or overturn the ban.

Linking social media posts

  1. Use official handles as much as possible.
  2. Don't share low-quality tweets from random unverified accounts. Our forum maintains quality standards with respect to content. Low-quality content will be removed without notice.
  3. Maximum 3 social media links are allowed per post.
  4. Do not post tweets from different handles with the same content as separate/subsequent replies.
  5. A description or summary of whatever you linked is necessary whenever possible.
  6. Some Facebook and Instagram links do not preview on the forum. In such a case, attach images separately so that they can be viewed easily without opening the link.

Disputes with moderation

  1. Do not start arguments or show dissent to any staff member for any kind of moderation on the forums.
  2. If you are unhappy over a post/action/moderation of a staff member raise a dispute ONLY in the Talk to Team section. Politely explain why you disagree and request a review of the decision.
  3. Do not abuse or harass a staff member for any reason. Showing dissent or abusing a staff on a public forum will not be tolerated and would result in a ban.
  4. Queries on the Talk to Team section must be related to the OnlyTech forum. No other requests or complaints will be entertained.

Restrictions for newbies and existing members

To avoid any misuse, such as sending promotional messages or displaying advertisements through signature or profile picture, we have set minimum post count requirements on our forum for new members.

  • Minimum Post count to post directly without moderator approval: 5
  • Minimum Post count to edit profile details or avatar: 5
  • Minimum Post count to view direct messages: 5
  • Minimum Post count to reply to direct messages: 10
  • Minimum Post count to create direct messages: 15

If any legit newbie member needs direct message access to pass information privately, they can request it via the Talk to Team forum. New members can also start a direct message with any team member without requiring any minimum post count. However, if it is related to moderation, we prefer to discuss it over Talk to Team forum, and we may direct you over there.

Note: Do not post low-quality spam posts to activate the direct message system. You will be banned immediately.

We have also noticed that many forum members misuse the edit option either by creating a thread beforehand or by deleting their posts when they feel like quitting the forum. So, members can only edit their posts within six hours from the original posting time to rectify any mistakes. We believe this is a sufficient window for any rectification. However, if a member is maintaining an important or sticky thread, they can approach us via Talk To Team forum and we will provide them special permission to edit their threads/posts for unlimited time.

Websites from which content sharing is disallowed

We do not allow content sharing from specific websites. These websites either do not entertain sharing their articles, or we do not want their content to be shared here. So, refrain from posting anything from these websites. Anything posted from these websites will be removed without notice, and strict action will be taken against the member.

Some websites are blacklisted too. When you preview or submit a post, the blocked links are replaced with asterisks. In that case, remove the blacklisted content from your post immediately. Otherwise, action will be taken.

A list of disallowed websites can be found here.

OnlyTech Community Marketplace guidelines

  1. Illegal reselling of OS and software is strictly prohibited. Unless you are an authorized reseller, you cannot sell them here. However, you are free to giveaway software, for which you hold a genuine license.
  2. Products up for sale should be posted under the ‘Buy/Sell Devices’ section only.
  3. Posting external links are not allowed unless referring to product details.
  4. The seller and buyer hold full responsibility for all the monetary transactions that happen in our marketplace section. OnlyTech cannot be held responsible for any disputes.
  5. If you are buying or selling, you can exchange contact details only via direct messages.
  6. Contact details should be shared only after reaching the final stage of buying or selling when the deal is accepted.
  7. OnlyTech is not liable to answer or compensate for any loss, which may happen upon sharing any personal or sensitive information with others.

Useful resources

OnlyTech is constituted of friendly people and we like to remain cool. Follow the Rules and enjoy your stay here.

OnlyTech Team

Last updated: 22 May 2024

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