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Good News Some Xiaomi phones crashing when used with Airtel SIM, fix coming soon


21 Jun 2013
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Some Xiaomi and Redmi devices are facing a peculiar issue with many users recently complaining of facing a strange issue which has forced their phones to go on a continuous rebooting loop.

And now Airtel, the telecom operators whose users also appear to be facing problems because of this issue, has come out and confirmed the issue. Taking to Twitter, Harmeen Mehta, the company's Global CIO, has said that the company is working with Mi India to fix crashing and other issues that some Airtel India users are experiencing with the Xiaomi phones.She further confirmed that while a fix is awaited and will come from Xiaomi end, the telecom operator has put out a small tweak in the Airtel Thanks app to help users. She further confirmed in a second tweet that the issue is from Xiaomi's end, and will be fixed once the company releases a new update for Airtel users "tomorrow".

Some Xiaomi phones crashing when used with Airtel SIM, fix coming soon
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