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Now PAN card can be reprinted online for ₹50

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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  • With the 'Reprint PAN Card' service, you can get another copy of the document
  • Even if your PAN card is not lost or damaged, you can still order a reprint to get multiple copies
The income tax department issues PAN cards through UTITSL or NSDL-TIN. Depending on which agency had issued your PAN card, you can approach either of them to get a reprint of your document.

How to order reprint of PAN card:
You can go to the online portals of NSDL and UTITSL and look for "Reprint PAN Card" option. This facility allows you to get another copy of the PAN card delivered to your home. Use it when you do not want any changes to be made in your existing PAN card data.


Both the agencies charges a fee of ₹50 for delivery to an Indian address and those outside of India can get it for ₹959. You need to check the address mentioned in the income tax department's records as your PAN card will be delivered only to that communication address.

While applying, you need to give your PAN card number and date of birth. NSDL also asks your Aadhaar card number as it is mandatory to link PAN and Aadhaar.



13 Oct 2017
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Actually this is Fantastic Initiative !!!
But Certain things are beautifully Mixed or Clubbed with this Step.
Despite of Repetative deadlines the Income Tax Dept of India observed that Many Indians still very lethargic to Link their Aadhaar No. With Pan. (As per Govt. Data only 30 Crore Pan No. have been linked with Aadhaar so far). Also many of Us (Indians) possessed a habit to loose or drop Documents and then apply for Duplicate one.
So now by throwing a Single Stone - IT Dept will hit 3 Targets:-
1.To avail this Offer Aadhaar Link is Compulsory. So other way Aadhaar No. will get Linked. The Proportion of Linking will rise accordingly.
2. By prevailing Rs.50/- per Duplicate Card the Revenue will be generated into the Cash Box of Government.
3. People will get the Duplicate Card and will stay without fear of the Consequences thus occurred after the Card stolen or/ left otherwise.
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