Google Now on Tap gets text translation, QR code scanning, discover mode and more


21 Jun 2013
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Google’s Now on Tap feature that was introduced with Android 6.0 Marshmallow last year is getting smarter. The latest update is bringing slew of features such as discover, improved search, in app translation.

First up, Now on Tap gets a new translate feature which can translate text on any screen, whether it’s an app or webpage. You will have to long press the home button and tap the “Translate this screen” card following which the text on screen will be translated into your phone’s language. You will even be able to translate multiple languages at once. The translate feature is currently available for phones with the language set to English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Now on Tap is also getting a Discover section that helps you learn more about things that interest you. By tapping the Discover button you will and get a stream of visual content related to what is present on your screen. Finally Now on Tap support for QR codes and barcodes lets you get useful information on the items you want to buy. You can open Now on Tap while using your camera to automatically scan QR codes and barcodes in your viewfinder. This feature will work with packaged products, books, DVDs and more.

For those unaware, Now on Tap allows you to quickly find more relevant information and context about what’s currently on your phone’s or tablet’s screen when you press and hold the home button.

Google says these new features will arrive as early as today.

Google Now on Tap gets text translation, QR code scanning, discover mode and more
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