Good News Amazon Music Offer: Rs.200 Cashback For FIRST TIME Streaming (Amazon Prime Customers)


23 Feb 2018
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** ONLY for Amazon Prime users **

** ONLY for first time users of the Amazon Music app **

** Offer expires at 11:59 PM on Nov 12, 2023 **

(This is does not seem to be a new offer. A google search showed that they had run a similar offer during the first month of this year.)

I am not sure if this would work for Monthly Plan subscribers of Amazon Prime. Because the email I received from Amazon said that the offer is valid ONLY for 3, 6 or 12 month subscribers of Amazon Prime. But the offer page (linked below) says that it is valid for ALL PAID customers (including the Monthly Plan) of Amazon Prime. So I guess monthly plan Amazon Prime users could give it a shot too.

I thought there could be a catch to this and they might ask me to purchase something on Amazon first. But to my surprise, I received Rs.200 as cashback just for streaming a song on the Amazon Music app for the first time. I did not even have to scratch a card or do something more to claim the cashback. I just went back to Amazon and the cashback was already there on my Amazon Pay wallet.

I am not sure if this offer might work for you if you had already streamed songs or podcasts on the Amazon Music app (while having an Amazon Prime subscription).

Steps To Redeem Offer:

1) Go to the offer page (link below)
2) Click the "listen now" button on the banner at the top of the page. This will take you to the Amazon Prime Music page (inside Amazon itself).
3) Once you are on the Amazon Prime Music page (inside Amazon), click on the "listen now" button at the top of this page. This will take you to Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to install the Amazon Music app.
4) Install the app and remember to login using the same Amazon account in which you have your Amazon Prime membership.
5) Stream any song or podcast at least for 1 minute (without any interruption).
6) Go back to Amazon & see if you have received the cashback on your Amazon Pay Wallet.





Offer Page:

Amazon Music offer
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