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I think you missed my point .I Have problem with Mr Arunachalam was begin shown as some from MP when he actually belongs to state of tamil nadu .
I hope you understand that the movie was inspired by life of Arunachalam.Makers have the liberty to take creative decisions and fictionalize it for the entertainment of audiences.Did Arunachalam had a Sonam Kapoor character in life?And to quote the director of movie R Balki:

Director of Padman, R Balki has told this is in his interview - “Certain modifications were made in Muruganantham's life story before we put it on celluloid, so that we can tell the story in a very interesting manner”

what problem would had arisen if akshay Kumar had portrayed as Tamilian ????? Mr Arunachalam was credited because in this hyper connected sm world one cannot say like in past when they used to copy and use world that they are inspired from him...

How can i ans why none of Tamilian`s made .... Can you ans why no one from A graders bollywood ever made movie either on A. P. J. Abdul Kalam or Srinivasa Ramanujan.A britishers made movie on him . But yah bollywood is eager to make movie on ganster.Protray him larger out of life ...
I answered it before.Just like Padman any movie on Kalam would have been too boring for the audiences.Bollywood movies are not made for Oscars.They make the movies to earn money.No one will pay Akshay Kumar 100 crores to play the role of a 60-70 yr old scientist.
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