YouTube experiments restricting 2160p video quality to premium subscribers

YouTube users, in recent weeks, have reported that the 2160p video quality is restricted and labeled as a premium feature with an option to "tap to upgrade."

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YouTube 4K video quality restricted

YouTube is running an experiment that sets its 4K video quality behind a YouTube Premium paywall for a subset of users. Many users, in recent weeks, have reported through various social media, including Twitter and Reddit, that the 2160p video quality is restricted and labeled as a premium feature with an option to “tap to upgrade.”

YouTube clarified via Twitter that users who are seeing 4K video quality marked as a premium feature are a part of an experiment to understand the feature preferences of Premium and non-Premium viewers. The company is also seeking feedback from its viewers for improvements.

Earlier, the company tested unskippable advertisements with a small number of non-premium users. YouTube will show up to 10 unskippable ads during a single video break. According to a Tweet by YouTube, unskippable ads will happen with a specific type of ad format, called bumper ads.

YouTube Premium costs Rs. 129 per month for individual users in India and comes with premium features such as ad-free access, downloads, background video playback, and YouTube Music Premium.

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