YouTube adding new controls to the full-screen video player on Android and iOS

The new interface started rolling out to all Android and iOS devices from Monday.

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YouTube is rolling out a new look for its full-screen video player on smartphones. Users will get easy to access options such as like, dislike, add comments, save to playlist and share while playing videos in full-screen mode on the YouTube app. 

The change is a server-side update so no update is required to get it and the new options will be available on older versions of the YouTube app as well. This design will make interacting with videos easier as users no longer need to minimize what they are watching to access those controls.

Similarly, reading comments has become convenient with it popping up right next to the video in landscape view enabling users to scroll through the comments while watching the video. On the bottom right corner, you would notice a “More Videos” shortcut with a thumbnail preview that opens other videos to watch. 

Apart from adding controls at the bottom of the screen, YouTube has also replaced the three-dot overflow button with a settings gear when viewing in both landscape and portrait orientations. The new interface started rolling out to all Android and iOS devices from Monday. 

Thanks: Prithi Deb, OnlyTech Community Forums

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Noticed some changes in the Player UI

View image at the forums

The three dots on the top-right has been replaced by a gear logo.
Like, Dislike, Comment, Add to Library and Share buttons have been added on the bottom-left.
More videos option added on bottom-right.

Which device?
Mobile , tv , web?

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Which device?
Mobile , tv , web?

Mobile app.

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