Vi’s Rs 148 prepaid plan vs Vi’s Rs 149 prepaid plan: Compared

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Vi (formerly Vodafone Idea) recently introduced a new prepaid plan at Rs 148 in Gujarat on 12th November which is now available in Delhi as well starting today. Vi continues to offer both Rs 148 prepaid plan and Rs 149 prepaid plan in both the states. Let’s take a look at both the prepaid plans and see which one could suit you better.

Vi’s Rs 148 Prepaid PlanVi’s Rs 149 Prepaid Plan
SMS100 SMS/day300 SMS
Non-Teleco BenefitVi Movies & TV accessVi Movies & TV access
Validity18 Days28 Days

Both the prepaid plans are fairly different with Rs 148 prepaid plan being a data-oriented plan while the Rs 149 prepaid plan is a voice-oriented plan.

Both the plans will offer you unlimited calling along with access to Vi Movies & TV. On the SMS benefits front, you only get 300 SMS with the Rs 149 prepaid plan while you get 100 SMS/day with the Rs 148 prepaid plan.

On the data front, the Rs 148 prepaid plan offers you daily data of 1GB while the Rs 149 prepaid plan offers merely 3GB bulk data. The lack of data benefits on the latter is made up by the validity of 28 days compared to the 18 days validity with Rs 148 prepaid plan.

If you are looking for a calling focused unlimited plan than the Rs 149 prepaid plan is a better choice as it offers 10 days more validity. Else, you could go with the Rs 148 prepaid plan if you are looking for daily data benefits focused unlimited plan at this price point rather than Rs 199 or Rs 219 unlimited plan which offer the same benefits but with 24 and 28 days validity respectively.

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