Twitter launches ‘Retweets with Comments’ Listings on iOS

Twitter launches ‘Retweets with Comments’ Listings on iOS

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Twitter has added a new feature on its iOS app to make interactions with your tweets easier. Now Twitter for iOS shows not only the number of retweets but also how many people have retweeted a tweet and added a comment.

The new feature organizes all of the retweets with comments into a handy list which can be accessed by tapping on a tweet and then clicking on “Retweets.” All retweets are broken out into two columns- ones which quoted tweet or retweet with comment and another list of retweets without comment.

The quoted tweets could have been viewed earlier also by searching tweet’s URL but now with this new feature, it is a lot easier to find retweets with comment and makes it easier for users to engage in conversations.

Until now, quoted tweets were considered as a separate tweet and they were not included in total retweets count but with this feature, the quoted tweets are also being included in retweets count. 

This latest feature is currently rolling out only on iOS but Twitter is testing in for Android as well. Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter product lead has also confirmed that Android users will get this feature soon. 

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