Reliance Jio discontinues shorter validity JioPhone plans

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India’s leading telecom service provider Reliance Jio has discontinued the shorter validity plans for JioPhone customers realigning its portfolio of JioPhone prepaid plans. Rs 49 and Rs 69 prepaid plans meant for JioPhone users which was earlier available is no longer listed on the website of Reliance Jio.

Reliance Jio discontinues shorter validity JioPhone plans

According to the prepaid listings on Jio website, the shorter validity plans are no longer available for subscription. The dedicated section for JioPhone plans wherein ‘Shorter Validity’ plans were listed no longer lists it signaling the culling of the plans. Both the shorter validity prepaid plans were there until yesterday but have been taken down earlier today.

OnlyTech checked up the prepaid listings within MyJio app on a JioPhone number as well which isn’t reflecting the plan. The prepaid plans have been discontinued within 5 months of introduction.

Reliance Jio discontinues shorter validity JioPhone plans

Jio’s Rs 49 prepaid plan offered 2GB of total data, Jio to Jio unlimited calling, 250 minutes off-net calling, 25 SMSes, and complimentary access to all Jio applications for a validity of 14 days.

Jio’s Rs 69 prepaid plan offered 7GB of total data with daily cap of 0.5GB per day, 250 minutes off-net calling, Jio to Jio unlimited calling, 25 SMSes, and complimentary access to all Jio apps.

Post the discontinuation of these plans the entry level plan for JioPhone now starts at Rs 99. Reliance Jio had earlier this year discontinued the Rs 98 prepaid plan making the Rs 129 prepaid plan as the entry level plan for smartphone users.

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4 thoughts on “Reliance Jio discontinues shorter validity JioPhone plans”

  1. Stupid move. You discourage poor users from connecting with 4G when you take away affordable plans. This is why everyone prefers to stay away from a Jio phone despite it costing only ₹699 which is half the price of any 2G feature phone. Because of bad tactics

    • Exactly! Jio has got full of bad tactics, the ones which we are getting to see is just the starting. In the coming days you will get to see Jio being greedier than no other operators.

  2. Its unfortunate to see Jio doing this. Jio’s subscriber base increased because of the jio phone users and its like slowly killing them.

    I would say Jio phone is a scam. Actually a user has no control over his/her Jio phone as the phone’s software update controls everything and the bloody ads. Why was a user bearing all these things just because he could make calls at a very affordable price, now with these packs disappearing they would rather move to other networks leaving the shitty jio phones aside.

    In one word Jio phone is a shit & people will lose trust on Reliance by these means.


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