Reliance Jio allocated ‘370’ numbering level for basic services in Delhi LSA

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India’s leading telecom service provider Reliance Jio on Monday received the allocation of a new numbering level for basic services in Delhi LSA. The Access Service Wings of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) passed an administrative order on Monday allocating a new numbering level.

Reliance Jio had requested DoT for the allocation of the numbering level for basic services in Delhi LSA. DoT has allocated level ‘370’ to Reliance Jio for basic services in Delhi LSA. The new numbering level is to be used by Reliance Jio for utilization in Noida.

Reliance Jio had told DoT that due to the division of numbering resources within Delhi LSA the number utilization for Noida has been very high resulting in the numbering resources not being available for allocation to enterprise customers.

The level is being allocated on specific request to meet the requirement of the subscribers in Noida, However numbers once allocated from this series shall be put to use within one month of its allocation and no such allocation be made which cannot be utilised within the period as specified above,” said DoT in an order.

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can anyone calrify that

Noida comes under UP state but, DELHI LSA, i know that mobile number issued and service is under Delhi LSA,

but for landline also STD code is 011 from private and MTNL/BSNL also???

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