Maharashtra Cable Operators Foundation is happy with TRAI initiative

Maharashtra Cable Operators Foundation is happy with TRAI initiative

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Maharashtra Cable Operators Foundation (MCOF) said that they are happy to see yet another progressive initiative by TRAI in a reply to consultation paper over-regulation (second amendment), on the issue of developing of an app by third parties and consequent sharing of information using API between distribution platform operators (DPOs).

They added that very regrettably, the MSOs without exception have leveraged all Regulations, be it DAS or NTO, to extract more from Customers and LMOs.

MCOF said that the MSO Systems and Business Rules are non-standardized. LCOs do not have limited or no visibility on the CRM System at MSO end. Also, very few Call Centres are set up/outsourced which is a lot less than efficient.

MCOF is apprehended that their customers’ precious data will be visible to the third party portal. MSO would feel no need to sign up MIA or the SIA that is unacceptable to LCOs MSO would deal directly with their customers and undertake other business bypassing them.

MSO may end up collecting the full Invoice value Online but delay in transmitting our Revenue Share/entitlement.

Over 90% of Cable Subscribers are owned by LMOs and the MSO has very little role beyond Technological Services in meeting with Customer requirements. MCOF accepted that there is an undeniable need for Technological upgrade and proposed that such Portal/s be LMO oriented and not MSO oriented.

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