JioFiber strengthens OTT offerings with Docubay

JioFiber strengthens OTT offerings with Docubay

Docubay JioFiber

JioFiber has strengthened its OTT offerings for its JioFiber set-top box users with the onboarding of IN10 Media’s Docubay app merely a few days after the recently revamped EPIC ON was onboarded. Docubay is now available on JioFiber set-top box since yesterday.

JioFiber customers can now enjoy documentaries on DocuBay which is currently listed among the new arrivals. DocuBay offers global premium membership based streaming designed to explore, discover, and experience documentaries which features content from directors around the globe and reaches people around the globe.

DocuBay offers an ever growing collection of documentaries extending across a variety of themes: Nature, Biography, Culture, Travel, History, Crime and more.

DocuBay has monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription plan. The monthly premium subscription costs Rs 199, the quarterly premium subscription costs Rs 499, and the annual subscription costs Rs 1499.

Credits – Spandan, OnlyTech Community Forums

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