Industry AGR drags by 1.81% in QE June 20

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The telecom industry’s Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) for QE June 20 dragged by 1.81 percent to Rs 44,128 crore, down from Rs 44,940 crore at the end of the preceding quarter. AGR however increased by 12.79% on a Y-o-Y basis from Rs 39,123 crore to Rs 44,128.

Vodafone Idea dragged its AGR for QE Jun-20 by upto 25.44% from Rs 7866.6 crore for QE Mar-20 to Rs 5865.36 crore for QE Jun-20. Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel saw their AGR gain by 13.64 % and 3.61% respectively.

Reliance Jio’s AGR rose from Rs 13428.07 crore at QE Mar-20 to Rs 15259.91 crore at QE Jun-20. Bharti Airtel’s AGR rose from Rs 9737.00 at QE Mar-20 to Rs 10088.46 crore at QE Jun-20.

The license fee and spectrum usage charges (SUC) for the government also came down due to the reduced AGR collection. License fee took a 2.16% hit Q-o-Q coming down from Rs 3,640 crore for the QE Mar-20 to Rs 3,526 crore for the QE Jun-20. The license fee however on a Y-o-Y basis increased at 12.57% from Rs 3,132 crore to Rs 3,526 crore.

The spectrum usage charges were hit by 3.84% Q-o-Q coming down from Rs 1,424 crore at QE Mar-20 to Rs 1,369 at QE Jun-20 while rising 22.12% Y-o-Y from Rs 1,121 crore to Rs 1,369 crore.

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