Huawei launches new antenna solutions for efficient 5G deployment

Ultimate 5G experience requires deep coverage and high capacity. Huawei's latest antenna solutions will help in efficient 5G deployment.

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Huawei recently launched the Maxwell platform and X2 Antenna for efficient 5G deployment by carriers. The latest antenna solutions for the next phase of 5G antenna evolution will improve antenna integration and configuration capabilities.

The company’s Maxwell platform has an upgraded version of FreSIP 2.0 to achieve full-view electromagnetic transparency of the passive antenna. It will enhance BladeAAU with more powerful massive MIMO configurations allowing carriers to deploy high configuration sites using all-in-one sub-6 GHz solutions efficiently.

” The development of antenna technologies plays an increasingly important role in network performance improvement, network deployment, and network evolution. Huawei remains committed to developing customer-centric and continues to innovate based on 5G construction requirements, to help carriers achieve 5G business success, by constructing high-quality antennas that feature multiple arrays, high manufacturing precision, high energy efficiency, and high integration.”

Eric Zhao, the President of Huawei Antenna Business Unit

Huawei’s X2 Antenna is a four-low band array antenna with foldable arrays, sector beam deflection and a 3D adjustable design. The antenna is capable of antenna sharing and low band 4T4R PIM-free deployment given the doubled configuration. It will help deepen the coverage of the 5G network.

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