Google announces native Gmail translation for mobile devices

The native Gmail translation feature is now gradually rolling out to Android devices and will roll out to iOS devices from August 21.

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Google has announced a new feature for Gmail users on mobile devices that allows them to translate their emails natively into different languages. The native translation feature on Gmail mobile app will help users to communicate seamlessly in various languages without switching between apps or copy-pasting text.


“For years, our users have conveniently translated emails in Gmail on the web to over 100 languages. Starting today, we’re excited to announce a native translation integration within the Gmail mobile app that will enable you to seamlessly communicate in a wide range of languages,” the company said in a blog post.

Here’s how to use native Gmail translation on mobile

When a user receives an email in a language that is different from their Gmail default language, a translation banner will appear at the top of the email. Users can tap the Translate option at the top of the email to translate the message into the user’s default language. Further, users can dismiss the translation banner, and it will reappear next time when the message language of the email does not match the default Gmail language.

Users can also turn off translation options for specific languages, and the banner will never reappear for that language. To do so, users can select Don’t Translate [language] Again while dismissing the banner. Alternatively, users can choose Don’t Translate [language] Again from the translation settings menu. Moreover, users can manually translate a message through the three-dot menu.


The native Gmail translation feature is already available only on the web version of Gmail and is now gradually rolling out to Android devices. Google says it may take up to 15 days for feature visibility. The feature will start to roll out from August 21 on iOS devices. Further, all Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google Accounts can use the Gmail translation feature on mobile devices.

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Gmail's app for Android may get ads after the latest update. An application package file (APK) teardown report of the app's latest 4.6 version by tech website Android Police has revealed that a new library called 'Ads' has been added and users can save their preferred ads as messages.

Gmail, which had remained ad-free until now in mobile apps, is rolling out this new feature along with the latest capability. The web version of the free email service already features ads, and now this would come to the Android app version as well.

The latest update for Gmail came out a few days back along with the updates for some other apps as well. Though no mention was made by Gmail about the ads feature, a closer examination of the new update brought forth the revelation.

The new update also brings in a cleaner design for conversation view and a number of tweaks such as checkmarks for selecting multiple messages. There are other features such as reminders for users in case there is an unsent mail in the drafts section.

It is not yet certain as to when Google would actually introduce ads via its app.

Advertising forms a bulk of earnings for Google; the company's total advertising revenue in April-June quarter stood at $12 billion, accounting for approximately 85% of its total revenue for the period. Online marketing research firm eMarketer has estimated that 33% of global online ad revenues for 2013 will be spent on Google networks. It also said that Google will take up around 53% of total mobile advertising revenue for 2013.

Gmail Android app may have ads soon - The Times of India

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Google is planning to release a new Gmail app
for Android, which will sport a redesigned user
interface on the lines of the new material
design language for Android Lollipop.
Reportedly, this app will be rechristened Gmail
5 for Android, and one of the new features will
be added support for Microsoft Exchange
accounts and Yahoo mail.
Android is notorious for the fact that users
need to use a different email app for different
types of accounts. Google bundles its Gmail
app and a separate email app which works
with other types of accounts. Exchange
accounts are popular with many organisations,
and Yahoo mail before Gmail became popular
was arguably the most popular consumer email
With addition of Exchange and Yahoo mail
support on Gmail, users will have a single point
of entry to their mail. Currently, we don't know
what will become of the standard email app
that is made by Google.
On the iPhone, users are able to use the stock
mail app for all their mails, the same is not
true on Android. A Gmail app with support for
Exchange and Yahoo accounts will achieve
New Gmail app to add support for Exchange and Yahoo accounts

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