DoT amends extant criterion of allotment of wireline numbering resources

DoT revises criterion for allotment of additional wireline numbering resources after request from Access Service Licensees.

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The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) recently decided to amend the extant criterion of 80% utilization to promote the proliferation of wireline services. The extant criterion based on which wireline numbering resources are allocated to Access Service Licensees mandates utilization by way of activation of subscribers, of 80% of already allotted wireline numbering resources.

The Department has been informed by Access Service Licensees that the wire-line numbering resources allotted to them exhaust quickly especially in smaller towns having 3-4 digits SDCA codes. As such, they are facing difficulties in activating new subscribers due to existing numbering allotment criterion.

Sr. NoWire-line Numbering resources allottedMinimum subscriber activation required for seeking additional wire-line numbering resources
1.10,000 to less than 50,00050%
2.50,000 to less than 1,00,00055%
3.1,00,000 to less than 5,00,00060%
4.5,00,000 to less than 10,00,00070%
5.10,00,000 and above80%

The Department has revised the utilization criterion for additional wire-line numbering resources allotment. The Access Services wing is in the process to initiate the allotment of numbering resources through Saral Sanchar portal to further streamline the procedure of allotment of additional numbering resources.

The extant procedure of allotment of additional numbering resources will continue in the meantime.

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